But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea. - Matthew 18:6


Woolly - confused and vague; used especially of thinking; "muddleheaded ideas"; "your addled little brain"; "woolly thinking"; "woolly-headed ideas" mentally confused; unable to think with clarity or act intelligently; "the flood of questions left her bewildered and confused"

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Rockefeller Shill Game

 David Rockefeller - George Soros

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012

Connecticut School Shooting HOAX: Robbie Parker fater of Emilie is Tony Hawk Professional Skate Boarder

School shooting HOAX - Here is the one piece you can show to prove it. | Conspiracy Theories

See the Drama and Witness the Bad Acting

Photo: “God has called them all home. For those of us who remain, let us find the strength to carry on, and make our country worthy of their memory. 

“Charlotte. Daniel. Olivia. Josephine. Ana. Dylan. Madeleine. Catherine. Chase. Jesse. James. Grace. Emilie. Jack. Noah. Caroline. Jessica. Benjamin. Avielle. Allison.”

– President Barack Obama at the vigil for the shooting victims Sunday in Newtown, Connecticut

More: http://on.today.com/XznoQI

“Charlotte. Daniel. Olivia. Josephine. Ana. Dylan. Madeleine. Catherine. Chase. Jesse. James. Gr
ace. Emilie.

 Jack. Noah. Caroline. Jessica. Benjamin. Avielle. Allison.”

Photo: This is one of Emilie's parents favorite pictures of her. They asked us to share it with you.

Photo: My daughter & I saw ourselves on Sesame Street this morning (from 4 years ago). #strangerthanfiction http://instagr.am/p/SLjbPKLHi1/

If anyone is doing photo comparitive research on Emilie
Parker and Tony Hawk's daughter, Kadence Clover Hawk (pictured below); I suggest you copy the image below ASAP before it disappears. Seems "The Powers That Be" are on to the fact that
 we know Robbie Parker and Tony Hawk are the same; so they've taken it upon themselves to eliminate just about every photo of Kadence Clover Hawk above the age if 2
(at least on "Google Images").

Connecticut School Shooting HOAX: Adam Lanza

adam-lanza-picture-sandy hook

Know The Family Connections

Ed Chiarini yes its on purpose since they want to divert your attention away from the Mall shooting that has one of their family members clearly identifiable as the shooter and he also is in a recent Hollywood film called "The CHild" they dont want him to be black balled by the public. TOO LATE.

A word from Ed Chiarini

Ed Chiarini Unless they tell you to calm down and resist the temptation of letting your mind go off on some wild conspiracy theory, then they are most likely foolish or part of the opposition.

ANY talk of the following should immediately raise flags and cause you
 to stop and take a step back to look at WHO is producing the piece and WHO are their associates. Also note WHERE they are promoting it and if the site sells water filters, gold, or disaster/survival products then KNOW without a doubt they are the enemy.

Talk of MK Ultra, Mind Control, Aliens, NWO (New World Order) Illuminati or Masons, Satanism, Supernatural forces, Lizard people, or spiritualism/crystals, medallions, voodoo trinkets etc. ARE CLEAR SIGNS That the person has not figured it out yet or is in fact one of the agents with an agenda. If you choose to wast time listening to their script then at least demand proof of their claims. NOT SOME reference to some manuscript that only exist in some hidden Vatican vault, and only they were allowed to get a look at it.....blah blah blah.

For those of you who are new to this and have been fooled by the Alex Jones (Beau Bridges) Bullsh*t, all the talk of the Lucifer eye in the pyramid, all that is a lie. IF YOU CHOOSE TO DO THE PROPER RESEARCH you will note the eye comes from the Pinkertons (The first Secret Service) Their tag line"WE NEVER SLEEP" with the eye as their logo has been twisted to suit the foolish and get people to go off on a wild goose chase that ends up with you purchasing their propaganda in the form of videos and books.



The money of this country is protected by the Secret Service, guarding the president is only part of their job. Hunting down counterfeit rings or scams that threaten the integrity of the money is another job role. Its the Secret service that is called in if you get scammed for more than $25,000 through one of the Nigerian Email pukes. For 6 months out of the year the Secret service conducts raids in Africa that are made up of FBI and Military tactual extraction teams that identify, extract, and haul the top email offenders back to the US for prosecution. How do I know this? I had a friend that was/is a SS agent and I have seen the photos of them in action in Nigeria. They are truly bad ass types.

But anyway one last thing on the myth of the New world order...
I have addressed this issue many times as the wording on your dollar DOES NOT translate to NEW WORLD ORDER it translates to New Social Order referring to THE NEW DEAL that was introduced around the beginnings of the 1900's and kicked into gear with the Roosevelt's, especially FDR who campaigned on THE NEW DEAL plan. Yes it is a Jewish thing, do not mistake that one bit. It was designed to give the JEWS a platform to conduct business without prejudice and you see why they sit in the position they do and are playing the games that threaten this nation. There is no speculation about those things I just mention. Now the WHY they are doing this and the WHO is funding this other then the money they themselves put in, is as much a mystery as any. I have a good idea and small bits of evidence that point to the crown but they may be just one of many foreign bodies that have an interest in seeing this nation come under British rule. But as always look at who profits and you will see the truth behind the BS.
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Connecticut School Shooting HOAX: Emilie Parker...... Actor Recycled

Connecticut School Shooting HOAX: Medical Examiner Dr. H. Wayne Carver II is also Richard the ICEMAN Kuklinski and Christopher Alan Pallies 'King Kong Bundy'

Ed Chiarini More to come as this next one will send you for a loop. AND the ties are unquestionably linked to that certain person that lives not far form the site on #12 Flower Farm Ln. His tells are all over it. Give me a few hours. but in the mean time plaster this and all the other posters all over the web get this out there to the point they wont be able to show their faces on the TV again. AS WELL AS REMEMBER the news stations that KNOWINGLY PROPAGATED THIS LIE AND HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE WOTH THE FCC, using their HOAX ruling. BUT REMEMBER DONT FORGET THE MALL SHOOTER IS MORNING MAYANS (ON THE ALEX JONES SHOWs) SON!!!

Connecticut School Shooting HOAX: State Police Lt. Vance is John Stephen Goodman

Connecticut Police Spokesman Newtown

Will Prosecute Independant Journalist Whistleblowers

Photo: YEAH, HE wants to be ON TEL-I-BISHION: 'SURVIVOR'
but for now HE IS IN CHARGE OF 'Sandy Hook TV'

>>>State Police spokesman Lt. J. Paul Vance is a frequent guest on local TV and radio shows. Now he wants to take his talents to a completely different type of television.

Vance announced on WPLR radio this morning that he intends to try out for the next season of "Survivor." Tryouts are next Wednesday at Foxwoods.

He told the Connecticut Post that he will "do the interview (with Survivor) and explore the process."

Vance's son, J. Paul Vance Jr. called WPLR's "Chaz and A.J." show Tuesday to nominate his father as a candidate, and Vance Sr. called in Wednesday to say he was up to the "tall order," of trying out for the show.

When the show's hosts said it would be great to have a local celebrity try out for the show, Vance Jr. called in. He called his father the "perfect person," for "Survivor."

"He is on TV, he is kind of cranky, he'd be good on an island, and his wife would like to send him to an island," said Vance Jr., the former candidate for Waterbury mayor, who the show's hosts called a "spokesman for the family."

Later, Vance called in and after learning a little more about the show, said he'd have to check with his wife of almost 40 years first before making a decision to try out.<<<


Not that I have found yet.



Office of the Claims Commissioner

J. Paul Vance, Jr.

The state, unlike most of its citizens, is immune from liability and from suit. Without its consent, the state cannot be held liable in a legal action for any damage or injury it may cause or for the cost of any good, service or benefit it may have received.

In most other cases where there is no legal or administrative remedy available, a person claiming to be injured or damaged as a result of state action must pursue a claim through the Office of the Claims Commissioner (OCC). The legislation implementing this process is set forth in Chapter 53 of the General Statutes. Those provisions define the duties and jurisdiction of the Claims Commissioner, who is appointed by the Governor with approval of the General Assembly, and has the duty to decide when it is "just and equitable" to waive the sovereign immunity of the state.


SO MUCH FOR lawsuits lol 


Connecticut School Shooting HOAX: Victoria Soto is Jordan Harmon

Ed Chiarini you have to be careful because Anna has a twin sister so we dont know which one is on the Turks, but it doesn't matter they are all family.

Ed Chiarini Riley Harmons sister Jordan Harmon
The Photographic Evidence

Newton School Shooting Hoax: Brenda Lebinski is the wife of Leon Greenberg

Now we have the weekend breast beating and the indoctrimation of those who missed the weekday coverage of Newtown. All weekend it will drone on with slight modifications to the stories. Fundraising will move into full steam ahead and the public will be prepared for the public memorials, see all the mementos and flowers placed at the school, and the interviews of the celebrity-witnesses will be non stop. Everything in the productions will be geared to embed this into memory and vilify anyone who asks legitimate questions and concerns. Watch people. It is interesting how they promote the public lie.

The Greenberg Produced Connecticut School Shooting HOAX: Dan Kicks is Brett Greenberg

 Brett Greenberg and his cousin Samantha Sexton

Ed Chiarini commented on a link.
let's see if I can get you to understand this situation. In this photo you see Brett Greenberg and his cousin Samantha Sexton. You all know brent from the many videos I have produced showing him playing different roles in various events s
uch as his most recent one as the Cop who bought the homeless guy some shoes. Samantha, currently plays the role of the RT commentator Alonya (The Alonya Show, as all the rest of their family members can be found on RT as well). But you might recognize her from another role she played (well her photograph played the role as she was older then you were told but then again you think she is dead, because she played the role of Christina Taylor Green in the Gabby Giffords FAKE shooting. Heres the kicker. Her mother Jennifer Greenberg Sexton, is also known as Tina Fey, Sarah Palin, Jennifer Joy, and GABBY GIFFORDS. Samantha's other cousin plays the brother of the christina taylor Green character, AND is the person playing the role of the latest mall shooting last week. His photo I will post next.

REMEMBER both of these tow have a well known Grandfather Maurice Greenberg ex CEO of AIG. Another Grandfather is DAVID ROCKEFELLER JR. Click the like below and you can see them all sitting oh his lap at his NC beach home.

Now think about what I just said, and look at the photos herehttp://dallasgoldbug.com/wall/picture.php?%2F3942%2Fcategory%2F129.

As you will see all the faces that play the roles on TV that you think are real but they are just actors playing roles in scripted events.

Another Cousin (that we have photos of all together with the family) is Henry Winklers son MAX. Max played the Ohio School shooter, as well as one of the said injured.

You can trace this family back through EVERY shooting (school or active shooter scenario) right on back to Columbine where the AUNT of these two in the photo Denise V Wohl played one of the teachers that was shot in the Columbine Hoax. You will see Derek Houghes playing the brother of the killed Rachel girl, and the character Rachel is played by the actor also known as Amy Fisher. She now plays the sister of Rachel and of course travels the country asking for your donation for her charity in her sisters name Rachel Challenge.

Brett's father you might know as The SON OF SAM, Benjamin Fullford, and countless others. Brett's Mother you can find in this LATEST SCHOOL SHOOTING as one of the mothers interviewed for the news. Photo I will post in a few minutes.

BUT DO YOU SEE THE CONNECTIONS HERE? There is no way you can say this event is real NONE OF THEM ARE. YOU PICK an event I will show you the connection. WITH PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF.

Ed Chiarini yes but Im just laying the ground work of these obvious ones and showing they are actors with VERY WELL CONNECTED family members. Once you see ONE of them in an event you can rest assured it is a DRILL or HOAX. These two are responsible for some MAJOR Bullshit that has been pushed on us and I wanted to get people to realize what these two have done. Now times that by 200-300 and you get the rest of their immediate family (all of whom are at one place the party of Riley Harmon (these two's cousin who herself played the role of the Washington DC MADAM)

Here you see Samantha and her sister along with their cousins and grandmother sitting at the home of their grandfather David Rockefeller Jr. Sitting at the table is their uncle Patrick Sexton, but you know him as the CEO of Dreamworks Jeffry Katzenberg. YES THAT KATZENBERG so if you think that's big wait till you see who his brothers are.

heres one of Jeffery Katzenbergs brothers and Brett Greenberg, and Samantha Sextons uncle,
Michael Lynton the CEO of SONY Entertainment.

He looks like the Fonz (Henry Winkler for a good reason, that's because I believe he is a half brother of Winkler or cousin, and winkler is actually a Cohen.)

other brother and Uncle to Brett and Samantha (you see Patrick in the background)
is the person you know as
Presidential Candidate GARY JOHNSON.

Photo: Here we go again with the "911" symbology:

Note the sign reads "1956".
19 5+6= 1911

And no; I don't think I'm "reaching" here.  If you know anything about these events you will see that the people behind them love to slip in these little "clues", sometimes right in our face.

Peter Lanza is MadTv's Michael McDonald

Ed Chiarini Yeah I cant believe they even tried that one. So what that tells us is these stories are already put together and on the shelf waiting to be published when they call for them. There is no way they would have used his image unless they had to. I would say these things are shout 6 months to a year before the event is broadcast.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Clackamas Town Center Shooting HOAX: Jacob Taylor Roberts is son of of Joan Kaplan a.k.a. Morning Mayan the Alex Jones Show... Revealed and Exposed!

2 hours ago 

The latest school HOAX Shooting is an attempt to divert your attention away from the identification of the shooter in the mall event. The shooter was the son of Joan Kaplan (aka Morning Mayan on alex Jones show) he also played the role of the little brother to the fake Christiana Taylor Green (giffords HOAX shooting) she in real life is Samantha Sexton the daughter of Jennifer (Greenberg) Sexto
n) and he is Samanthas cousin.

You can see the photos of this kid because he was just in the movie "The Child" He brought this on himself due to he is also the person on Twitter that Attacked me yesterday causing me to take a close look at him

Brandan Lasley @brandantl
@dallasgoldbug @washcoscanner ears/location, eye brows and facial impressions don't match. Derp
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12:04 PM - 12 Dec 12 · Details

Ed Chiarini I've tried that until I found out who big sis was and their role in all of this. Just like the FB Jacob Michael Greenberg (AKA Mark Zuckerberg the cousin of Brett and Samantha as well as this little fool (the mall shooter) and the SEC now being run be a family member. So you can kiss goodbye any accountability for them. Add on their other relative running the FTC Scott Baio and you see once again no accountability for all the insider trading they are getting away with.

Ed Chiarini @James Warren Bennett it's really not crazy, when you see the whole picture of this family, and all the other events they are responsible for. It's expected that they are keeping it all in the family because if you cant trust family who can you trust. This is their big problem since I ripped the lid off of pandoras box. They are all caught because of the photographs showing them all together being related. Its so bad for them, that you see how desperate they are at infiltrating my FB account and spamming the YT videos. IF I WAS WRONG ABOUT THIS YOU UNDERSTAND THEIR ENTIRE FAMILY IS MADE UP OF HIGH LEVEL LAWYERS, AND THEY HAVE THE FUNDS TO DESTROY ME. BUT DO YOU SEE THEM DOING IT? NO BECAUSE THEY CAN'T. THEY ARE CAUGHT. So it become like shooting fish in a barrel when you are armed with the 5000+ photos I posted of them.

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